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The MacBook® Skins from onanoff™ protect and preserve all surfaces of your laptop, keeping them scratch-free, while adding a touch of luxury and style.
The eco-friendly skins are made from synthetic leather that provides a firm and soft hold on the slippery MacBook aluminum body, making it feel snug and secure in your hands.
The Skin includes a palm guard, bottom skin and top skin with cut-out for the apple logo, and has a strong adhesive that sticks well, but is easy to remove and leaves no residue.
The MacBook Skins are available in a myriad of colors, and offer an easy way to smarten-up your laptop and add color and flair, without bulking or covering up the Apple design.

Size & Weight
Product Code: SK-WDN
Size: 30 x 1x 30
Weight: 50g

The new MacBook Wooden Skins take laptop protection in style to a new level! Protecting all surfaces of your laptop from scratches, impact and stains in the most ecstatically appealing way possible, while accentuating the MacBook’s slim design. The wooden skins are developed with our world leading partners in real wood veneers – a European family company with a rich history in luxury veneers. All the wood used for our skins is certified to be responsibly sourced from sustainable forestries.
As all our skins, the wooden edition come in three pieces, protecting the top, bottom and palm areas of the MacBook. They are easy to apply and easy to remove, thanks to our patented adhesive system that will leave no residue and does not chemically affect the aluminium shell over time, as can happen with mainstream adhesives.
Wood is natural material so each skin is different, making it uniquely yours
Sustainably forested wooden skins
Water and dirt resistant
Comes with genuine leather wrist swatches
Easy to fit
Leaves no permanent residue once removed
• Wooden skins are easy to clean. Use a damp cloth and non-abrasive proprietary cleaning products. Alkaline cleaners should NOT be used.
• Under normal conditions spillages will not create any problem but no finish blocks moisture transfer totally. The wooden skins offer a good resistance but water and other liquids should not be allowed to stand for a period of time.
• For more stubborn stains we recommend using a water and vinegar mixture. Never use acetone or trichloroethylene.

Whats in the Box?
1 x palm guard
1 x bottom skin
1 x top skin

Additional information

Beach, Brown, Light Walnut, Striped Brown, Walnut


Macbook Air 11", Macbook Air 12", Macbook Air 13", Macbook Pro 13", Macbook Pro 15"

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