X-ONE DropGuard Pro cover


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DNA Guard Technology. Provides more than 90% of it’s absorbing capability.
Embedded “X-One” trademark.
Use with confidence. The original maker of Dropguard Case.
Air Cushion Technology.
Air cushion on four corners effectively absorbs impact forces when falling.
PET & TPU material.
Premium material keeps the case completely tough and stronger.
Protect and Reveal.
Comprehensively protect your iPhone and maintain it’s original beauty.
Low profile.
Our Edge Guard offers you drop protection from 3 meters and day-to-day wear and tear.

Size & Weight
Product Code: PC-DGP
Size: Model Dependent
Weight: Model Dependent

Upgraded with DNA Guard Technology
Upgraded with Embedded “X-One” trademark
Edge Guard
Protect and Reveal
Impact Resistant
Low profile
Premium Material

Whats in the Box?
1 x Cover

Additional information



Transparent Black


Huawei Mate 20


Huawei Mate 20 Pro


iPhone 10 XR


iPhone 10 XS


iPhone 10 XS Max


Samsung S10


Samsung S10 Plus


Samsung S10E

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