X-ONE Full Coverage Armorvisor Screen Protector


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Blue Ray Filter
NOT Tempered Glass
Military Grade Technology
Shock Resistant
Nano 5H Technology
Puncture Protection
Smudge Resistant
Silicon Self Adhesive
Air-Release Adhesive

Does not Crack
Does not Peel
Easy to apply

Size & Weight
Product Code: SP-ESFC
Size: Model Dependent
Weight: Model Dependent

Super-hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coating. Smooth touch experience, provides easy cleaning, dirt and grease repellent – Full Coverage
Enhanced Scratch Proof Layer (5H+). Ultimately protects screen from scratches, highest rating for PET fIlm (soft).
Blue Light Cut Layer. Block 90% of 380mm – 430mm blue light emitted from device. Blu-ray is harmful to body under long exposure, causes dry eyes, fatigue, increase in short-sightedness, and even sleeping problems.
Shock Dispersive Layer. Increases original screen shock absorption ability up to 5 times. Works like car bumpers, able to absorb and disperse shock upon impact.
Stretch Resistance Layer. Able to block sharp and hard objects, like nails, scissors, rocks etc., from piercing through
Silicon Adhesive Layer. Air bubble-releasing adhesive provides effortless and fast installation. Washable and able to reapply

Whats in the Box?
1 x Screen Protector
1 x Cloth
1 x Placement Sticker Set

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iPhone 6


iPhone 6 Plus


iPhone 7


iPhone 7 Plus


iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Plus


iPhone 9

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